Meipi is an open source tool, its code is free and available to anyone who wants to use and modify. It is developed by the Meipi Team and a community of programmers.

The Open Source project Meipi OPEN is hosted at Check it there for more information. You can also collaborate in different ways:

  • Participate as a developer in the overall development or creating plugins.
  • Participate as a designer creating themes or icons.
  • Join meipi translated into your language.
  • Send your suggestions and ideas.
  • Check the latest improvements.

How can a meipi be useful?

A meipi allows a group of users to share information around a place or a topic. It can be very useful for collaborative dynamics, workshops, associations, enterprises, groups of friends, artistic actions…

In we already have a tool to create and host user meipis. This open source package can be used to install a meipi in your own server.


We have created a group where we all can discuss about the project. Feel free to join!

Translate it to your own language is now available in:

If you want to translate it into your own language contact us.