Video is really important in Internet nowadays. So much that they even say Youtube might be the next Google. It is not surprising then that many efforts are being taken in order to further explore the information within videos, and not just consider them as a whole.

In particular, in TubeGraph we focus on the ratings made by the users. We feel that rating a video assigning 1 to 5 stars to the whole length is clearly not descriptive enough. The dynamic nature of videos implies that some parts of each video will be better than others. 

Ok, so what is TubeGraph?

TubeGraph is a tool that allows users to dynamically rate videos.

This means that when you are watching a video in TubeGraph, you will be able to constantly rate the video by moving the slider on the right of the video up (if you like what you’re watching) or down (if not). Once you finish watching the video, you get a (tube)graph like this, that you can share:

In this case, the graph shows that I was not quite enjoying the video, just until the last part, which I really liked! Well, this short video about a prairie dog might be a bad example of the power of TubeGraph, but think about the average of all the dynamic ratings of a particular video, and how can that (tube)graph enhance your viewing. As an example, the average tubegraph for the Battle at Kruger video:

Can you guess at what precise instant do the lions attack the buffaloes? TubeGraph will help you jump to the most interesting parts, when you don’t feel like watching the whole video!

Our prototype is up and running, and while we know that there is room for improvement, you can already check the tubegraphs, and do them yourself!

So… Which are the best parts? ­čÖé